Accommodation with 160 metres of riverfront

Enjoy our 3km tubing run from upriver

Plenty of parties with regular drink promotions

Rope swing into the water and go for a swim!

Relax by the river or join the fun at bar

Kampot’s Most Happening Backpackers

Owned by three well-travelled guys from Australia and Ireland, Arcadia was dreamt up while chatting around a bonfire enjoying a few beers in South America back in 2010. On subsequent travels many exciting conversations ensued and the Arcadian dream began to grow and take real shape. We traveled the world together, yet it wasn’t until we all met up in Kampot in June 2013 that we knew we’d finally found the perfect place to make our dreams a reality.

Facilities at Arcadia

Big Bar, Volleyball, Tubing, Kayaks, Huge Rope Swing, Crazy Russian Swing, Tubing Down Rapids (Seasonal), 6m Jumping Platform, Massive Floating Pontoon, Ping Pong, Darts, Great Food, Hammocks, ‘The Blob’ person launcher, Hiking (Waterfall and Temples in the Jungle), Rock Climbing and plenty more!

Southern Cambodia

Southern Cambodia is known for its relaxed attitude towards life, which is one of the things about this paradise that captured us. Come visit. If you’re an active person, there are boundless amounts of activities. If you want to relax and take some time out to chill the large property offers many hammocks and quiet pockets, including the option to float peacefully on the river in one of our inner tubes.

Party Nights

Throughout the week there is always a lively atmosphere around the bar. On any given night, large jam circles may gather, Beer Pong or Ping Pong tournaments will form, and there is always a good chance of a dance party. On specialized days and nights we have parties in the middle of the river on our floating Pontoon, organize games on the sand volleyball court, or take boat cruises up and down our scenic river. Every Sunday we have a party called Sunday Sessions. The Session includes live music, beer pong, differing late night themes, and black light mischief.

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